2009Greek cup & league winners 8th double (manager: N. Nioblas)
2004Panathinaikos wins the 7th double in his history. Both Cup & League become GREEN - Manager Etzak Soum
2002PAO reaches quarter-finals of Champions League.
1996Greek Champions - Greek Cup Winners - Champions League Semi Finalist - Manager Houan Ramon Rotsa
1995Greek Champions - Greek Cup Winner - Manager Houan Ramon Rotsa
1994Greek Cup Winner - Super Cup Winner
1993Greek Cup winner - Super Cup Winner
1992PAO participates in Champions League quarter-finals.
1991Greek Champions - Greek cup winner - Manager Basilis Daniil
1990Greek Champions - Manager Christo Bonef - The first game of Christof Vazeha
1989Greek cup winner
1988Greek cup winner - Super Cup Winner
1986PAO is in the UEFA Cup's quarter finals - Wins the Greek Chanpionship and the Greek Cup - Manager Peter Pakert
1985-6PAO - Olympiakos : 4 - 0. Greek Cup Final
1985PAO qualifies for Europe's Champions Cup semi-finals.
1984Greek Champions - Greek cup winner - Manager Giatsek Gmoch
1982Greek cup winner
1981(16 December) Paianias Sport Center opening.
1979(17 July) Vardinogiannis undertakes management of PAO.
1977Greek cup winner
1977Greek Champions - Manager Aimore Moreira
1972Greek Champions - Manager Ference Pouskas
1971PAO is in the Europe's Champions Cup Final. The best moment in PAO's history.
1970Greek Champions - Manager Ference Pouskas
1969Greek Champions - Greek Cup winners - Manager Lakis Petropoulos
1967Greek Cup Winners
1965Greek Champions - Manager Stefan Bombek
1964Greek Champions - Manager Stefan Bombek
1962Greek Champions - Manager Hari Game
1961Greek Champions - Manager Hari Game
1960Greek Champions - Manager Antonis Migiakis - The beginning of the Golden Era of PAO
1955Greeh cup winner
1953Greek Champions - Manager Hari Game
1952First PAO supporters club established. Named SFOP (Sindesmos Filon Opadon Panathinaikou)
1949Greek Champion
1949Greek Champions - Manager Josef Strantl
1948Greek Cup Winner
1940Greek Cup Winner
1930Greek Champions - Manager Josef Kinsler
1928PAO-Olympiakos : 8 - 2. Greek Championship.
1925First international match (Panathinaikos - Victoria Zagreb:1-1)
1924PPO becomes PAO (Panathinaikos Athlitikos Omilos)
1911Panathinaikos becomes Greek Champion for the first time
1910POA becomes PPO (Panellinios Podosfairikos Omilos).
1908George Kalafatis establishes Panathinaikos F.C.. The first name is POA (Podosfairikos Omilos Athinon = Athenean Football Club)