20073 titles in a year all won in OAKA. A Historic day, Panathinaikos is crowned European Champion for the 4th time in its history, in a year when both domestic titles were also won.
2006League & Cup Winner
2005Panathinaikos participates in another final 4. This time in Moscow were Alvertis made a record by competing in his 7th European final 4 competition. Panathinaikos finished 3rd. Pao has never finished 4th in a final 4. League winner
20046th title in 7 years and 25 in total!!!!
2003Panathinaikos wins its 24th title.
2002Panathinaikos wins its 3rd EUROPEAN TITLE against Bolognia in Bologne, Italy. The dream is true.
2001Greek champions for 23rd time
2000A glorious year for Panatinaikos. The team manges to win both the greek championship and their 2nd EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP in Thessaloniki, Greece.
1999The green empire continuous. Another greek championship is added to our collection.
1998After 14 dry years Panathinaikos returns to its throne and raise the magic number to 20 championships!!!
1996Panathinaikos is crowned EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS in Bercy, Paris, France
1984Greek champions
1982The 2nd three-peat in Panathinaikos history is real. 18 in total!!!
1981Another consecutive championship for the Greek superteam.
1980The 16th championship is added to our huge collection.
1977Panatinaikos is crowned as champion for 15th time. A record which will be unbeaten for many years....
19755 times champions in 5 years and 14th in total.
19744th championship in the row
1973Three-peat and the 12th championship is true
19722nd championship in the row, 11th in total.
1971Panathinaikos wins its 10th basketball championship
1969Greek champions
1967Another greek championship is added to our collection.
1962Greek champions for the 7th time
1961After 7 years Panathinaikos returns to its throne. 6th championship
1954Greek champions for the 5th time
1951The 4th championship is added. Lot more to come.....
1950Panathinaikos wins its 3rd title.
1947Panathinaikos wins the Greek Championship for the 2nd time
1946Panathinaikos wins its first basketball championship